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You’re in Good Company

With accurate data and actionable insights, we empower our customers to better understand the physical world and gain a competitive advantage.

Mary Beyer Lell
Principal, Head of Leasing
Crawford Square

Getting a retailer interested in and visiting a smaller market like Montgomery, AL isn’t easy, but with Placer’s True Trade Area and competitive tracking we were able to prove the strength of our center and execute on our initiatives to upgrade The Shoppes at Eastchase.

Mark A. Kufka
Assistant Vice President, Market Research and Leasing Technology
Peterson Companies

Silver Diner had such specific concerns for us to address that we would not have been successful without Placer’s insights. Placer helped us demonstrate that a new location would fill a trade area void and be a win-win for both of us, making them confident to open at National Harbor.

Darren Bovard
VP of Leasing
NewMark Merrill

If I can use Placer in its most simple form and sign leases with it, then that says a lot for the rest of the product, where I can utilize void analysis and more. But at its most simple form, if I can convince one little tenant to lease 1,500 feet, that’s a great thing.

Jerry Hoffman
Founder & Partner
Hoffman Strategy Group

As an economist, I spend a lot of time in various datasets, and I can tell you that Placer’s near real-time data is second to none. There’s no better way to learn about how people live, move, and interact with the physical world than with Placer. It’s brought our customer insights to a whole new level.

Donovan Day
Community & Economic Development Director
Village of Fox Lake

"Conversations with developers get serious when you can show objective data around how visitors behave, where they shop, eat and more. After decades with no new development here in Fox Lake, Placer changed the game. We would not have won the development deals we did without its incredible data; it’s paid for itself thousands of times over."

Cristina Binkley
Tourism & Economic Initiatives Coordinator
City of Prescott

With Placer, we market events more efficiently than ever before, see clear ways to better serve our residents, and have helped our partners land multiple grants to help put on the Christmas City event. Placer has been a wonderful asset to the Office of Tourism and our community partners.

Alexander Weber
President and CEO, Grand Forks
Downtown Development Association

Unless we had someone sit outside 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the last 5 years, asking each person who they are, where they live, how much they make, etc. there's just no way we could have understood our visitors as deeply as with Placer. Being awarded a $100K grant has totally changed the scope of what we’ll be doing this year.

Kevin Crowder

City managers and municipal users are so impressed when I tell them we can give them near real-time data and insights about their residents, employees, and businesses. There’s no guessing with Placer, just data, empowering them in situations where they would otherwise have no idea of potential impact to their cities or ways to mitigate it.

Cynthia Lee
CCIM, TACS, GRI National Executive Leader
KW Commercial

Without Placer we wouldn't be able to do what we're doing with the level of insights and granularity that we are now, because it's very hard to get information on the consumer for a restaurant. Placer changes all of that. It’s absolutely incredible what we can do for our customers with it.

JJ Perino
Founder & President

I tell my customers all the time: there is no better way for a retailer to make high quality, informed decisions at scale than with There’s no tool, no GIS system that can tell you what Placer does; it’s true trade area gives us true apples to apples comparisons and helps us make decisions with confidence.

Hunter Shaffer
Senior Director and Strategic Advisor
Stanford Blood Center

Placer is unbelievable. Being able to find the exact demographic we want to target, or learn what their interests are, makes our job so much easier. And we can prove that it works... a 75% drop in acquisition costs and record web traffic tells me our Placer insights were spot on for this campaign!

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Powerful insights into places, markets, and consumer trends
Sales Estimation, Demographics, Business counts, Planned Development, Crime, Psychographics, Social Media /  online, Consumer Expenditures, Climate
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