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Audacy Ad Campaign Boosts Restaurant Chain Visits By 20%

Established in 1965, a Detroit diner with 16 locations, known for its family-friendly vibe, quick service, and Greek-American cuisine asked Audacy for help boosting their 2-6 pm happy hour dining. How can Audacy demonstrate the campaign's success to the diner?

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Audacy Ad Campaign Boosts Restaurant Chain Visits By 20%


Average YoY happy hour lift


Average YoY visitation lift


Increase in average dwell time (minutes)

The Challenge

A regional chain of restaurants in the Detroit area came to Audacy to market a new promotion designed to boost happy hour sales. How could Audacy quantify the success of the campaign and prove its value as an advertising partner?

The Outcome

Using Placer data, Audacy showed an increase in customer length of stay and visit frequency across the casual dining chain’s locations, with an average YoY visitation increase of 15% overall and a 20% increase during the promotion’s 2- 6 p.m. happy hour window.

“In general, proving attribution is hard, but our radio campaign, combined with Placer’s reporting, showed the direct impact of our advertising when no other marketing occurred, and it was unbelievable. You just can’t argue with a 14.5% increase in foot traffic over 6 weeks. Our customers are blown away by the depth of insights we’re able to share using Placer, making it easier to prove our ability to generate real world results.”

Jennifer Killeen
Audacy Ad Campaign Boosts Restaurant Chain Visits By 20%
Case Study
Sep 29, 2023

Audacy Ad Campaign Boosts Restaurant Chain Visits By 20%

Audacy proves efficacy of multi-faceted marketing campaign with per venue analysis showing YoY and hourly visitation lift.

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