Optimize Marketing Planning and with Location Analytics

Leverage Placer’s privacy-first data to gain a deep understanding of audiences, optimize media strategies, and measure campaign success.
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Enhance In-Store Retail Media

Leverage Placer’s comprehensive retail visitation data to understand consumers’ shopping behavior and preferences. Maximize the value of in-store media to reach and target the right audiences.
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Optimize Event Marketing

Utilize historical event attendance data and consumer demographics, shopping patterns, and online activity to enhance experiential marketing. Align events with local consumers’ interests and validate the effectiveness of event marketing campaigns.
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Deliver Actionable Competitive Intelligence

Analyze visitation data, rankings, and trade areas to assess your clients’ market position and analyze the competition’s customers. Monitor competitive threats and develop advertising strategies that stand out and create a competitive edge.
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Form Powerful Partnerships

Use cross-shopping data and visits to complementary chains and services to gain visibility into the full visitor journey. Identify prospective partners for cross-promotion and targeted marketing partnerships.
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Case Study

DripDrop Campaign Achieves $9 Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Using Placer insights on true trade area and competitor overlap, DripDrop Marketing helped their client enhance their direct mail marketing strategy, capture new customers, and increase market share.
Total response rate
New vehicles brought in
Return on ad spend
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Doing Data Right

Unmatched Data Accuracy

We leverage a panel of tens of millions of devices and reliable statistical analysis to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Uncompromising Privacy

We utilize industry-leading techniques to ensure user privacy while maximizing accuracy and reliability.

Dedicated Customer Success

A Customer Success Manager will be assigned to you to ensure you maximize product value.

Seamless Data Integration

Export our aggregated data for use in 3rd party applications using our API, allowing you to enrich, filter, or combine with proprietary data.

Customer Satisfaction

Thousands of customers across multiple different industries place their trust in our insights.

DripDrop Marketing
Placers helps us strategically target competitive areas to generate new customer traffic for our clients. In direct mail, that kind of targeting and the strong responses we see prove that it’s a perfect fit for our retail clients. Put simply... Placer changes the game.
Randy Townsend
Moroch Partners
Giving our client, a major amusement park group, such robust customer insights that they could cancel all in-park guest surveys not only saved them $1,000,000, but also strengthened our relationship with them. They now see us as a valued partner, not a service provider. You can’t put a price on that.
Matt Powell
Chief Executive Officer