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Increase Operational Efficiency

Analyze trade areas to better define and manage chain or franchise locations and territories. Leverage reliable data to improve the accuracy of demand planning, optimizing staffing and inventory accordingly.
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Gain Leverage in Lease Negotiations

Compare visitation data and rankings for your restaurant to a property and its tenants. Showcase your restaurant’s performance in comparison to overall center and co-tenant performance to prove value and negotiate better rates.
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Measure Impact of Redesigns & Major Events

Analyze visit trends surrounding rebranding initiatives, restaurant openings, and events to quantify their impact on restaurant performance. Attribute changes in visitation to capital investments and redesign events.
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Improve Menu Mix and Pricing

Use demographics, psychographics, and visitor journeys to determine key customer profiles, culinary preferences, and where else your customers eat. Optimize menu decisions and pricing strategies to better suit customers’ tastes and decrease leakage to nearby restaurants.
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Case Study

Resolut RE Helps Restaurant Fix Underperforming Location

A craft pizza restaurant had an underperforming store and sought Resolut RE's to determine the root cause. Using, they revealed that the store had operational issues. As a result, the owners made changes in the management team, resulting in immediate improvements in performance.
< 30 min
total dwell time at underperforming store
average household income of target audience
shorter average length of stay than other locations
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Doing Data Right

Unmatched Data Accuracy

We leverage a panel of tens of millions of devices and reliable statistical analysis to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Uncompromising Privacy

We utilize industry-leading techniques to ensure user privacy while maximizing accuracy and reliability.

Dedicated Customer Success

A Customer Success Manager will be assigned to you to ensure you maximize product value.

Seamless Data Integration

Export our aggregated data for use in 3rd party applications using our API, allowing you to enrich, filter, or combine with proprietary data.

Customer Satisfaction

Thousands of customers across multiple different industries place their trust in our insights.

Resolut RE
Delivering insights like this position us as a true advisor to our clients, not just a real estate company, really helped us grow our business.
George Anderson
EVP of Market Analytics & Research
Torchy’s Tacos
Placer helped us evaluate the potential trade areas within a new market and learn how strong the market is, what competitors are already there, and if it’s a fit for us to explore opening new locations. It’s a crucial tool for every stage of growth.
Greg Eickholt
Director of Real Estate Development