Attract More Visitors to Your Venues

Use Placer’s location analytics to drive visits, recruit and retain sponsors, and analyze the success of special events.
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Understand Your Competitive Landscape

Benchmark your performance against the competition by analyzing trade area overlap, comparing visitation trends, and assessing ranking. Learn more about your customers, including where else they go for entertainment, to help focus marketing efforts.
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Select the Best Site for Your Venue

Identify top locations for expansion based on how specific areas’ demographic and psychographic characteristics match your target audience. Use Placer’s site selection report to rank venue options using a relative score made up of trade area size, demographic fit, cannibalization, and competition density.
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Optimize Advertising Placement

See your visitors' travel routes, zip code origins, and online search interests to optimize digital and offline advertising campaigns. Leverage customer journey insights for optimal ad placement to engage with your customers in daily life activities and keep you top of mind.
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Measure Local Economic Impact

Analyze Placer’s True Trade Area and visitor journeys to identify where your visitors come from, where they stay, and the sites they visit before and after your venue. Compare visitation to nearby businesses over time to showcase how your venue contributes to economic growth.
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Case Study

Nebraska State Fair raises rates for new sponsors by 20%

Using Placer's data, the Nebraska State Fair discovered that they had been underestimating their attendance and they were able to secure higher sponsorship fees. Also, they won a new sponsor by demonstrating audience alignment.
underestimation of true visitation
acres of state fair entertainment and activities
increase in sponsor rate fees
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Doing Data Right

Unmatched Data Accuracy

We leverage a panel of tens of millions of devices and reliable statistical analysis to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Uncompromising Privacy

We utilize industry-leading techniques to ensure user privacy while maximizing accuracy and reliability.

Dedicated Customer Success

A Customer Success Manager will be assigned to you to ensure you maximize product value.

Seamless Data Integration

Export our aggregated data for use in 3rd party applications using our API, allowing you to enrich, filter, or combine with proprietary data.

Customer Satisfaction

Thousands of customers across multiple different industries place their trust in our insights.

H2R Market Research
"With Placer, we can help our customers choose sites in half the time and a fraction of the cost of traditional customer surveys."
Jerry Henry
Chief Executive Officer
Jenkinson’s Boardwalk
"Signing up for Placer has given such rich customer data that our marketing efforts have done a complete 360, generating the best sales we’ve ever seen."
Alex Taylor
Marketing & Brand Manager
OE Experiences
"From the physical layout to programming and media IP used, the majority of the multi-million dollar family entertainment project was guided by Placer data insights. The quality of Placer data is simply unparalleled."
Matthew Cross
Founding Partner & CEO