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Use Placer’s location intelligence to attract the right businesses, drive event success, and boost tourism.
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Evaluate Public Resources & Inform Development Strategies

Use visitation and visitor journey data to demonstrate the performance of public assets such as parks and open spaces as well as the impact on nearby businesses. Benchmark these against similar areas to identify investment opportunities and optimize long-term infrastructure development.
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Optimize Marketing Strategies

Leverage Placer’s True Trade Area and Visitors By Origin to reveal home locations and zip codes for visitors to any location. Refine targeting for promotions to reach the right audience, drive attendance at public events, and prove ROI of marketing efforts.
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Analyze Leakage to Assess Unmet Demand

Identify where residents and visitors shop outside the city or district boundary with Placer’s Leakage Report. Track visit trends to determine which retail categories contribute to leakage, estimate sales tax revenue loss, and inform strategic decisions that respond to demand.
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Improve Budgeting & Planning

Correlate foot traffic with sales using near real-time data. Better forecast sales tax revenue potential, identify the businesses that fuel the local economy, and optimize budgets and public resource allocation.
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Case Study
Downtown development association logo.

Grand Forks, ND wins $100K grant for a revitalization project

After Grand Forks's town square fell into disrepair, the Grand Forks Downtown Development Association leveraged trade area and visitor demographics to submit an application for a nationwide grant. It won $100K in funding to revitalize the space.
years since repairs and 
residents to benefit
grant funding awarded
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Doing Data Right

Unmatched Data Accuracy

We leverage a panel of tens of millions of devices and reliable statistical analysis to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Uncompromising Privacy

We utilize industry-leading techniques to ensure user privacy while maximizing accuracy and reliability.

Dedicated Customer Success

A Customer Success Manager will be assigned to you to ensure you maximize product value.

Seamless Data Integration

Export our aggregated data for use in 3rd party applications using our API, allowing you to enrich, filter, or combine with proprietary data.

Customer Satisfaction

Thousands of customers across multiple different industries place their trust in our insights.

Anna Economic Development Corporation
“ reveals the full potential value of our City. The data provides visibility into consumer leakage where we were previously in the dark, and enables us to strategically fill in retail gaps.”
Joey Grisham
City of Bloomington, IL
"The City of Bloomington successfully leverages's real-time data to support retail leasing and drive conversations with prospective tenants."
Austin Grammer
Economic Development Coordinator
Garden City, KS
“With Placer, we make more informed decisions and realize economic impact faster, turning what would be a six-month commitment into a project with results in a week - or less!”
Shannon Dick
City Commissioner