The Real World Location Intelligence Platform

The dashboard provides insights into places and competition allowing discovery of new business opportunities.

Customer Visitation

Get accurate foot traffic counts and dwell time – filter by time, day of week, and customer segments. Understand how promotions, holidays, seasonality, and events impact business.

Trade Areas

Discover True Trade Areas – where customers live and work. Focus marketing budget on ideal customers and forecast how new tenants will impact your reach.

Customer Insights

Analyze aggregated customer demographics – income, gender, and other favorite shopping spots.

Better understand target customers to optimize engagement.

Competitive Benchmarking

Compare performance against local or distant competitors – providing complete transparency.

Measure market share and regional dominance over time.

Industry Trends

Industry analysis reveals emerging brands and trends, by category and region.

Leverage new market insights to build data driven strategies.

Area Analysis

Detailed insights into what is happening in the vicinity of a property, including traffic volumes for road segments, crime history near the property, and a view of nearby real estate development.

Data Feed

Automatic, daily exports of’s proprietary aggregated data, such as foot traffic, to be used by external services.

Use it for integration with internal BI tools, a CRM system, or to build advanced prediction models.

Discover Much More

Leverage data for additional advanced reports

Market Share

Cross Shopping

Event Analysis

Share of Time


Shared Audience

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