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With the Placer API

The Placer API is a tool that enables developers and analysts to extract Placer's aggregated data for use in any 3rd party application, allowing customers to enrich, filter, or combine with proprietary data to support business needs like custom dashboards, internal reporting, and competitive analysis.

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Meet the Placer API

Properties and 
Points of Interest

Search and find venues by category, address, or chain.

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Foot Traffic 
Data and Trends

See the estimated number of unique customers and foot traffic, broken down by day, month, week, or year.

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True Trade Area

Receive the coordinates to map a polygon showing the true source of foot traffic to a location.

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Demographic Information and Population Estimates

Receive census group information for all customers within the location’s true trade area.

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See how locations perform compared to other chains or by category

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And more to come!

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How You Can Use the Placer API

Executive & Customer Dashboards

Use visit data to highlight the strength of a given venue in marketing materials or a customer-facing website

Internal Reporting

Compare foot traffic to internal loyalty, sales, or other data

Competitive Analysis

Benchmark foot traffic trends compared to competitor locations. Understand how a location ranks compared to others, then study demographics for possible explanations

Investment / Acquisition Decisions

Programmatically evaluate hundreds of locations at once, across multiple data sets, and find the best opportunities

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Technical FAQs

What languages does it accept?

The API endpoint can handle all languages, giving the ultimate flexibility for users. Whether a company uses Python, R, C++, or anything else, they can still access Placer data.

Will more endpoints be added in the future?

Yes. More endpoints will be added to API in the coming months, expanding the amount of data available to users.

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