Optimize store performance with retail foot traffic analytics

Understand visit trends, benchmark store performance, deep dive into audiences, and implement data-driven site selection.
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Understand the Impact of Store Openings

Measure cannibalization, retail foot traffic changes, shared customer audiences, and churn to quantify the impact of expansion initiatives. Assess customer transfer and understand the market capture of new stores.
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Measure the Impact of Remodels & Major Promotions

Monitor retail foot traffic trends and rankings over time to track changes in store visits and market share before and after redevelopment and promotional events. Attribute store performance to remodeling, redevelopment, and rebranding initiatives.
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Optimize Marketing Campaigns to Maximize ROI

Use Placer’s True Trade Area to understand consumer demographics, preferences, and where they are coming from. Target the right areas and audience, maximize ROI, and enable offline attribution for online spend.
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Measure Store and Chain Performance Across Geographies

Analyze visit trends and examine ranking information at local, state, and national levels to compare store performance against its own chain and competitors. Assess the health of a chain by region to identify industry and regional patterns and inform future growth strategies.
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Case Study
Floor&Decor logo

Floor & Decor Improves Customer Transfer and Revenue Forecasts

With a store closure, reopening, and store remodeling planned, Floor & Decor needed reliable data to inform market and site decisions. Using Placer's visitation data, Floor & Decor improved their model for customer transfer between stores by 80%, allowing for better site and market optimization.
locations in the U.S.
store changes (closure, remodeling, grand opening)
customer transfer rate improvement over previous estimates
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Doing Data Right

Unmatched Data Accuracy

We leverage a panel of tens of millions of devices and reliable statistical analysis to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Uncompromising Privacy

We utilize industry-leading techniques to ensure user privacy while maximizing accuracy and reliability.

Dedicated Customer Success

A Customer Success Manager will be assigned to you to ensure you maximize product value.

Seamless Data Integration

Export our aggregated data for use in 3rd party applications using our API, allowing you to enrich, filter, or combine with proprietary data.

Customer Satisfaction

Thousands of customers across multiple different industries place their trust in our insights.

Planet Fitness
"We use Placer.ai data to inform the co-tenancy packages we send to our landlords. Placer.ai makes our work efficient and drives better outcomes."
Christie Routhier
Manager, Real Estate
“I tell my customers all the time: there is no better way for a retailer to make high quality, informed decisions at scale than with Placer.ai.”
JJ Perino
Founder & President
Stanford Blood Center
“Placer is unbelievable. Being able to find the exact demographic we want to target, or learn what their interests are, makes our job so much easier."
Hunter Shaffer
Senior Director and Strategic Advisor