Can A New Dinner Menu Catapult Panera To Fast Casual Dominance?

Can Panera’s new dinner menu help the brand reach new heights? We dug into the foot traffic data to find out.

By Ethan Chernofsky on June 27, 2019

Crisis Averted? Though Checkout Systems Went Down, Target Loyalty Remains High

Target suffered through two different technical glitches. Did it affect their visits? We dove into their location analytics to find out.

By Ethan Chernofsky on June 25, 2019

NYC’s Essex Crossing – The Value Driven Mega Project

Location analytics show the tremendous potential of the Essex Crossing development in New York City

By Ethan Chernofsky on June 13, 2019

CVS Looks To Extend Its Reach With New Health Hubs

Location analytics show the impact of CVS’s Health Hub pilot program.

By Ethan Chernofsky on June 11, 2019

Westfield’s Garden State Plaza Renovates to Drive Growth

The Westfield Garden State Plaza recently announced a major upgrade. Why are they investing in a renovation and what does it mean for the wider sector? We leveraged location analytics to find out.

By Ethan Chernofsky on June 6, 2019

Why Is Walmart Closing Stores? A Data Deep Dive

Walmart is closing stores. But is the brand weakening or are they optimizing?

By Zohar Bar-Yehuda on June 4, 2019

Dunkin, Starbucks and the Power of the ‘Holiday’

What Location Analytics tells us about the power of National Doughnut Day and other created ‘holidays’.

By Ethan Chernofsky on May 30, 2019

The Shinola Hotel Launch: New Place To Stay, Benefits To Go Around?

What Location Analytics has to say about one of 2019’s biggest hotel launches

By Ethan Chernofsky on May 28, 2019

Beyond the Warriors: Location Analytics Show Us Who Else Is Winning In The 2019 Playoffs

Data shows what the NBA playoffs mean for host cities.

By Ethan Chernofsky on May 23, 2019

Dissolution of the Resolution– Exactly when do we start losing motivation to go to the gym?

January 1st isn’t just the beginning of the calendar year, it represents an opportunity to make changes for the better. We may dream up the ideal new year’s resolutions in December, but January 1st is when we take the dream and begin making it a reality. But, we have all come face to face with […]

By Ethan Chernofsky on May 15, 2019