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Learn More Learn how residents and employees are moving into and out of your area. See how migration affects your local economy by exploring demographic changes

Learn More Know which retailers will best serve your residents, employees, and visitors – reveal consumer preferences, analyze leakage, and perform void analyses

Learn More Quantify COVID’s impacts to retail, tourism, and workplace foot traffic and identify new strategies to support and measure recovery. Compare year-over-year data to predict impacts on local revenues

Learn More Optimize marketing and measure event success with visitation data, audience traits, demographics, and visitor travel routes. Bring value to sponsors and stakeholders

Learn More See from where residents, employees and visitors are traveling. Discover supply and demand, demographics, and spending preferences

How to Drive Economic Development Strategy

Foot traffic data can be a powerful driver of economic growth. Learn how to use to uncover local consumer behaviors to attract best-fit businesses and enhance local business performance.


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  • Increase revenue by marketing to the right customer base
  • Boost tourism and gain insights into visitor preferences
  • Identify and promote your community’s competitive advantages


  • Compare your city, district, or neighborhood to another to identify strengths and challenges
  • Measure success of investments, initiatives and policies
  • Inform budgeting by knowing migration trends and revenue predictions


  • Attract the right mix of retailers to appeal to residents, employees, and visitors
  • Reveal your true potential to attract and retain businesses
  • Communicate insights to stakeholders, board members, and elected officials


  • Your Client Success Manager is focused on your goals, and your success
  • Onboarding and Training for your entire team
  • Regular consultation, advice, and guidance to keep you on track
  • Learn best practices used by other civic leaders

How Placer Data Reveals Industry Trends Affecting Every Community​

Early data from Black Friday 2021 reveals that the day continues to drive traffic surges without hitting the peaks set in years past.
How did Turkey Wednesday – the day before Thanksgiving – play out in 2021, and which other sectors benefited?
Below are key insights from Placer Discover 2021, covering everything from CRE trends, effective data usage, and the future of retail.
In the context of the nationwide dining recovery, we dove into foot traffic patterns at some of the QSR visit leaders.

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