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Resolut RE Helps Restaurant Fix Underperforming Location

A craft pizza restaurant with multiple locations identified an underperforming store and sought Resolut RE's help to determine the cause of the problem. Using to analyze the struggling store revealed that the store had similar conditions to the restaurant's other locations, except for lower dwell time and loyalty, suggesting the root case of underperformance was an operational issue. As a result, the owners decided to replace the management team at the struggling location, resulting in immediate improvements in performance.

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Resolut RE Helps Restaurant Fix Underperforming Location

<30 min

total dwell time at underperforming store


average household income of target audience


shorter average length of stay than other locations

The Challenge

A fast growing craft pizza restaurant had just opened their 11th and 12th locations. While the one performed successfully, the other struggled. The restaurant looked to Resolut RE for answers — was the performance due to a bad location or some other problem?

The Outcome

Using Placer, Resolut showed that the struggling store’s conditions matched the restaurant’s other locations - except for dwell time and loyalty, which were significantly lower, suggesting an operational issue. Changing management has turned the store around.

The location and market were great. They had ingress and egress, parking, visibility, no competition, you name it. Why it struggled was a mystery...until we looked in Placer, which showed us that it was an easy to fix issue with management. Delivering insights like this position us as a true advisor to our clients, not just a real estate company, and that’s really helped us grow our business.

George Anderson
Resolut RE
Resolut RE Helps Restaurant Fix Underperforming Location
Case Study
Jul 19, 2023

Resolut RE Helps Restaurant Fix Underperforming Location

A craft pizza restaurant chain turns to Resolut RE, aiming to distill whether its challenges were operational or locational.

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