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Case Study

Nebraska State Fair Raises Rates for New Sponsors by 20%

The Nebraska State Fair discovered with Placer data they had been underestimating their attendance by as much as 20%, meaning they had more opportunity for revenue than they realized. With these insights, they were able to secure higher sponsorship fees and demonstrate audience alignment to win a new sponsor. In addition to securing new sponsors, Placer's granular data allowed the fair's Director of Marketing, Ray Massie, to creatively collaborate with sponsors in audience activation. The fair's team was able to engage and retain sponsors by exploring direct sales opportunities, such as couponing, to help sponsors achieve greater activation.

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Nebraska State Fair Raises Rates for New Sponsors by 20%


underestimation of true visitation


acres of state fair entertainment and activities


increase in sponsor rate fees

The Challenge

The Nebraska State Fair is a popular event held annually. To support yearly fair operations and visitor enjoyment, they sought to maximize sponsorship rates. How could they get the objective, granular data needed to secure more sponsors and increase the amount that sponsors paid?

The Outcome

Using Placer, the fair found they had underestimated attendance by nearly 20%, which helped them to negotiate 20% higher rates with new sponsors. In addition, granular visitor insights helped them win a new sponsor by demonstrating audience alignment.

When selling sponsorships, you’re not selling the event, you’re selling the audience to your event. Without Placer, there is no way I could have data his granular and accurate, or that helps me prove sponsor alignment. With Placer we now know exactly what our numbers are and can credibly talk through what we do.

Ray Massie
Director of Marketing
Nebraska State Fair Raises Rates for New Sponsors by 20%
Case Study
Jun 8, 2023

Nebraska State Fair Raises Rates for New Sponsors by 20%

Nebraska State Fair discovers true visitation 20% higher than previously estimated, uses Placer data to boost sponsorship revenue.

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