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Bob Mills Furniture Beats Projected Sales By 17%

A regional family-owned chain, Bob Mills Furniture has been in business for 50+ years. To strategically move from company-wide marketing to store-level marketing, Bob Mills used Placer to understand household income, media preferences, and more.

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Bob Mills Furniture Beats Projected Sales By 17%


increase over projected sales


avg. miles customers traveled


years in business

The Challenge

Bob Mills Furniture company knows that reaching their best customers is critical for success, so to help a store in a unique market achieve its high sales forecasts, the team asked: how could they increase sales through deeper customer insights and more targeted marketing campaigns?

The Outcome

Using Placer insights on visitor journey, demographics, and other behaviors to identify key customer personas, they moved away from company-wide marketing and created targeted campaigns tailored to that store, increasing seasonally-adjusted sales by 17%.

“This is my most used tool, day in and day out. It’s been integral in building customer personas and in creating targeted and informed ads. If you want the best chance to succeed, then Placer is a must.”

Amy Elliott
Bob Mills Furniture
Bob Mills Furniture Beats Projected Sales By 17%
Case Study
Aug 25, 2023

Bob Mills Furniture Beats Projected Sales By 17%

Bob Mills leverages demographic and trade area data to optimize marketing strategy and achieve higher than forecasted sales.

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