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Case Study

Attraction Saves 90% on Strategic Site Selection

Jerry Henry, CEO of H2R Market Research, assists an immersive cultural entertainment attraction in selecting the perfect market for their new location using Placer data. Jerry analyzes factors such as market growth and seasonality to determine the best fit. With a comprehensive evaluation of factors like seasonality, overall growth, and demographic alignment, one market stood out as the clear winner for the client's expansion. The data-driven approach results in a cost-effective and informed decision, providing the attraction with a strong foundation for success.

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Attraction Saves 90% on Strategic Site Selection


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The Challenge

An immersive cultural entertainment attraction (averaging 800k guests / year) seeking to open a new location needed to compare two strong markets they were considering for expansion. Which was the best new market for a new location, and why?

The Outcome

Using Placer, H2R Market Research showed that one market had less seasonality and greater overall growth, which better suited the client’s entertainment offering. These factors, among others, led the new market selection, doing so at 10% the cost of traditional surveys needed to understand customer attributes and behavior. Site specific analysis is now underway.

Without Placer, market and site selection would have taken at least 4-8 weeks longer, and would have cost 10x as much. That’s not an exaggeration. With Placer, we can help our customers choose sites in half the time and a fraction of the cost of traditional customer surveys.

Jerry Henry
H2R Market Research
Attraction Saves 90% on Strategic Site Selection
Case Study
Mar 1, 2023

Attraction Saves 90% on Strategic Site Selection

CEO Jerry Henry compares two markets for a new attraction, examining seasonality, demographics, and more.

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