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With accurate data and actionable insights, we empower our customers to better understand the physical world and gain a competitive advantage.

Mike Mas
Executive Vice President, CFOs
Regency Centers data at Regency has become a consequential input across our business functions, including leasing, marketing, and asset management. The platform gives us newfound visibility into geographic and demographic dynamics, and an accurate understanding of our assets to validate our strategies and guide our decisions.

Jeff Axtell
EVP & Regional Manager

Location data is hard to argue with.  When we present's objective, fact-based information, we take the risk factor out of the equation.

Steve Dawkins
Chief Operating Officer
SRS Real Estate Partners

In today's world, data is the new competitive advantage, and makes it understandable and actionable.

Gene Lee
SVP Chief Analytics Officer
Caesars Entertainment

The team and their data have been a great help in better understanding our customers. We’re working closely with their Data Science team to address our core business challenges as well as the more complex business-critical decisions.

Christie Routhier
Manager, Real Estate
Planet Fitness

We use the data to inform the co-tenancy packages we send to our landlords and their tenants. makes our work more efficient and drives better outcomes.

Marq Lipton
VP of Marketing & Sales
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Accurate and trustworthy data about our visitors is tremendously important to us as we design and refine our marketing programs. In the past, this data has been elusive to us. is giving us the data we need by providing ongoing critical information.

Lukas Huberman
Ownership Representative
Majestic Realty

We were able to demonstrate that our site’s foot traffic was three times the volume of our prospective tenant’s existing site. That data was concrete and played a key role in our lease negotiation process.

Sandy Sigal
CEO and President
NewMark Merrill

For the first time, we can benchmark the improvement and deterioration of our centers and tenants against competitors. And most importantly, we can now get a complete understanding of a center’s health and ultimate potential. It's an absolute game changer.

Christopher Ressa, CLS
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
DLC Management is a fabulous data validation tool along the entire acquisition process.  It enables our teams to check the accuracy, clarity, and details of our underlying data necessary to mitigate any project concerns.

Blake Dickinson
Director of Commercial Leasing
Continental Realty Corporation

Placer XTRA's in-center heatmap report gave us valuable time-of-day and visit data that allowed us to have a productive dialogue with an anchor tenant and obtain a use restriction waiver, which ultimately enabled us to lease a difficult-to-fill space in close proximity to the anchor. Without the insights from this Placer report, we would very likely still be sitting on a vacancy.

A Physical Market Intelligence Platform is a Big Data Puzzle.

Data You Can Trust
Property level
Unique, accurate &
de-identified panel
Best-in-class Data Science
+92% accuracy
High cardinality
powerful insights into places, markets, and consumer trends
Sales Estimation, Demographics, Business counts, Planned Development, Crime, Psychographics, Social Media /  online, Consumer Expenditures, Climate
Seamless Business Integration
Explore property, chain and industry level reports and create custom reports directly on our UI Platform
Query PAPI, Placer’s robust API to programmatically ingest our data into your own tech stack
Export proprietary data automatically

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