Deliver a world-class Market Research Platform built on an uncompromising commitment to preserving user privacy

We deliver this promise by adhering to three core values:

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We work relentlessly to produce data and insights that are accurate, dependable, and actionable:

Selective Sources – Having more data doesn’t necessarily mean having better data. Our in-house data-science team religiously filters sources to ingest only data of the highest caliber.

Latest AI and Statistical Analysis – Location data is a surprisingly challenging and noisy data set. We utilize state-of-art algorithms and apply a healthy dose of critical thinking to produce dependable results.

Rigorous Testing – Conclusions must correlate to real-world figures. Our results are tested and retested against external sources of ground truth to guarantee only the most accurate insights are produced to support strategic decision making.


We believe everyone should have access to consumer movement data in order to make the best decisions:

Removing barriers to knowledge – Our free tools and reports provide public access to insights about the world around us.

Data applicability – By investigating, understanding, and working closely with customers, we bridge the gap between data and action.

Knowledge sharing – We are committed to sharing best practices to educate others about how to safely use location data can be leveraged in specific industries.


We take privacy seriously and believe that everyone should have the power to control the information they’re sharing:

Consent – Every mobile application partner we work with must obtain consent to gather location data.

Anonymize and aggregate – We never collect Personally Identifiable Information, or attempt to re-identify users. Placer promises to only share information that is anonymized and aggregated.

Opt out – It’s your choice. Learn how you can opt out here:

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