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We’ve Built the World’s Most Accurate Location Insights APIs

Our Data Forms a Large and Representative Panel of Customers Across the US

Generating Statistically Significant Insights Into Any Place

Available as a SaaS Platform

All Data Sets are Not Created Equal

Key Considerations:

  • Location – WiFi, GPS, Beacons, and user motion all play a key part in determining accuracy.
  • POIs – The need to match Point of Interest to location requires a highly accurate and current list of places.
  • Volume – Panel sizes are required to be large enough to accurately reflect visitors.
  • Panel Biases – Panel biases are modeled and accounted for in extrapolations.
  • Panel Variations – Changes in technology and application sources are normalized over time.

The Human Element Makes it All Possible

World Class Team

Comprised of experts passionate about extracting valuable insights from complex and noisy data sets, our world class applied data science team has a proven track record of bringing data-driven products to market. Our most recent big data company, BlueTail, was acquired by Salesforce in 2012.

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