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This white paper looks at the evolution of the holiday retail season in recent years and uses foot traffic data to analyze specific shopping milestones across key retail sectors.

Discover how small-format stores can help retailers better serve their customers while complementing existing store formats within their fleets.

In this webinar, we break down some of the most important trends impacting shopping centers to see which have staying power, and which will fade. We leverage the latest location data to analyze what is really happening in retail and how shopping centers across the country are being affected.’s Q3 2022 Quarterly Index analyzes how the current inflation is impacting visit performance across the wider retail and services landscape and looks at leading brands going into the 2022 holiday shopping season.

Read the report to learn about brands that are leading their category and continuing to attract visitors amidst ongoing inflation and tightening consumer budgets.

Dive into Crexi’s commercial real estate data insights and’s location data to learn how recent inbound migration trends are creating retail opportunities in six growing cities

Get a first look at the growing power of retail media networks. Learn how brick-and-mortar brands can measure reach and track impact to transform the advertising space.

Dive into the report to see how recent migration trends are impacting everything from office occupancy rates to regional business opportunities to local consumer demographics.

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