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Case Study

Fox Lake Attracts $335M in New Development

Community and Ecomonic Development Director, Donovan Day proved that the Village of Fox Lake drew significant visitors from its surrounding area, then used those insights to land 3 different development deals, the first commercial development in over 40 years.

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Fox Lake Attracts $335M in New Development


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Seat Ampitheatre

The Challenge

The Village of Fox Lake, Illinois, is situated near a chain of highly trafficked lakes. There had not been commercial development in 40 years and lake visitors had little to do in town. How could the city quantify visit traffic, then use that to attract new business?

The Outcome

Using Placer, Fox Lake was able to quantify their strong traffic - 223k unique visitors, visiting 3+ times each year, with high HHI - then used that visitor data to attract more than $335M in new development, including multiple hotels and restaurants, a new marina, amphitheater, and more.

"Conversations with developers get serious when you can show objective data around how visitors behave, where they shop, eat and more. After decades with no new development here in Fox Lake, Placer changed the game. We would not have won the development deals we did without its incredible data; it’s paid for itself thousands of times over."

Donovan Day
Village of Fox Lake
Fox Lake Attracts $335M in New Development
Case Study
Jan 16, 2023

Fox Lake Attracts $335M in New Development

Visitor data proving need for hotels and other services helps secure 3 development deals, first in 40 years.

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