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Moroch Boosts Customer Insights, Saves Client $1M

A major amusement park group sought cost-cutting measures during the COVID pandemic. They looked to Moroch Partners to help them gather robust customer insights without using in-park guest surveys, which were both costly and time consuming. Through, Moroch helped the amusement park gain key demographic and psychographic insights to target the right audience for their media campaigns. As a result, Moroch helped the amusement park group save $1,000,000 by replacing in-park guest surveys, and proved themselves as a trusted partner to the amusement park group.

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Moroch Boosts Customer Insights, Saves Client $1M


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The Challenge

To gain valuable insights into customer demographics, a major amusement park group conducted daily in-park customer surveys across all locations. With the COVID pandemic and the resulting drop in visits, they looked for ways to reduce costs. Could they have the same insights, at a far lower price?

The Outcome

Moroch leveraged Placer for robust audience insights –– including data describing demographics, online behaviors, psychographics, customer journeys, and more. They were ultimately able to replace all in-park surveys with Placer's location intelligence, yielding significant costs savings.

Giving our client, a major amusement park group, such robust customer insights that they could cancel all in-park guest surveys not only saved them $1,000,000, but also strengthened our relationship with them. They now see us as a valued partner, not a service provider. You can’t put a price on that.

Matt Powell
Moroch Partners
Moroch Boosts Customer Insights, Saves Client $1M
Case Study
Jul 5, 2023

Moroch Boosts Customer Insights, Saves Client $1M

Moroch Partners helps major amusement park replace in-park guest surveys with Placer to capture demographic insights.

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