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Case Study

Floor & Decor Improves Customer Transfer and Revenue Forecasts

As one of Fortune’s 100 fastest-growing companies, Floor & Decor is a well known retailer of hard surface flooring and related accessories. With significant market activity planned, including an upcoming store closure, a reopening, and a store remodeling, Floor & Decor sought Placer data insights to improve the customer transfer and revenue models needed to inform market and site decisions.

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Floor & Decor Improves Customer Transfer and Revenue Forecasts


locations in the U.S.


store changes (closure, remodeling, grand opening)


customer transfer rate improvement over previous estimates

The Challenge

Floor & Decor had a number of changes planned for stores in the Atlanta market, including closures, remodels, and new store openings. How could they accurately model what percentage of customers would transfer between stores, and thus forecast revenue impact on these and any future projects?

The Outcome

Using Placer visitation data, Floor & Decor improved their model for customer transfer between stores by 80%, allowing for better site and market optimization, and more accurate revenue modeling and planning. They also gained insights into customer shopping behaviors.

Placer’s insights into customer transfer have transformed how we look at underwriting store closures and remodels, and reaffirmed how our customers shop our stores. With it, we can optimize our stores and markets, and improve the revenue models we use to make these decisions.

Jane Dapkus
Senior Director of Real Estate, Floor & Decor
Floor & Decor Improves Customer Transfer and Revenue Forecasts
Case Study
Aug 7, 2023

Floor & Decor Improves Customer Transfer and Revenue Forecasts

Floor & Decor analyzes foot traffic visitation by zip code pre- and post-store closure / reopening to refine revenue forecasts.

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