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STI: PopStats is a leading dataset used for analyzing demographic data. It enables smarter location-centric decisions by giving businesses access to the latest population counts in markets across the U.S.

STI: PopStats provides access to data for historic and future population growth forecasts and demographic trends about specific populations. It is used to support a variety of use cases, including trade area analysis, site selection, market penetration, marketing optimization, and many more. PopStats data delivers unlimited benefits to companies making strategic location decisions — including retailers, real estate developers, communications firms, healthcare entities, and economic development agencies.

Featured Use Cases

  • Trade Area Analysis: Capture real population growth and gauge demographic fit inside trade areas
  • Site Selection: Select the best location based on consumer behavior
  • New Markets: Evaluate new areas for potential business activity
  • Marketing: Identify target audiences and placements for promotions

About Synergos Technologies Inc

Since 1992, Synergos Technologies Inc. (STI) has been providing market-focused companies with many of today’s most innovative and confidence-boosting demographic data building blocks to allow more advanced market research which includes new levels of market, consumer, and location insight.

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