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Here are some of the top insights from the week of June 29th:

1. Shopping centers have taken a big hit since the onset of the pandemic, but traffic is on the rise, with the third week of June showing a 38% year-over-year decrease, an improvement of over 10% from the week prior. We broke down the performance of top indoor and outdoor malls to compare their pace of recovery. 

2. Wendy’s traffic is gradually picking up, though still a long way from year-over-year growth, with June 27th still 25% below the corresponding day in 2019. See how breakfast rivals are performing and how breakfast behavior changed.

3. While traffic is increasing, Macy’s is still well below where it was in June 2019, with late June showing a year-over-year decrease of over 40%. Learn more about the pandemic’s implications on Macy’s and other major chains.  


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