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Discount & Dollar Stores
Quarterly Index
2022: Q3

Throughout the quarter, weekly visits to Discount & Dollar stores remained elevated relative to pre-pandemic 2019 and tracked closely with 2021 weekly visit numbers. The significant discrepancy between the Yo3Y and YoY visit trends highlight the massive expansions in the sector over the past few years which propelled discount & Dollar store leaders such as Five Below and Dollar General far ahead of their 2019 visit numbers. At the same time, the relative constancy between this year’s and last year’s Q3 visit numbers indicate that discount & Dollar stores are maintaining their pandemic gains as the current climate continues to favor these value-driven retailers. Read the Full Report →

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This white paper looks at the evolution of the holiday retail season in recent years and uses foot traffic data to analyze specific shopping milestones across key retail sectors.

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We dove into foot traffic data to see how 2022’s Turkey Wednesday - the pre-Thanksgiving grocery rush - stacked up to last years'.

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