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STI: Spending Patterns dataset provides spending habits for over 600 products and service categories by geographic area, helping companies to make informed decisions on everything from site location to merchandising and marketing.

The source of STI: Spending Patterns data is the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). It is based on the annual Consumer Expenditure Survey, which measures the spending habits of U.S. consumers. STI: Spending Patterns models this raw data each quarter, and delivers weekly per capita expenditures across over 600 goods and service categories, average spending per capita per week, and consumer price potential by spending category.

Featured Use Cases

  • Sales Estimates: Show what consumers are purchasing and how much they are likely to spend
  • Site Selection: Select your next, best location based on consumer spending patterns
  • Market Due Diligence: Segment consumers by spending habits in new markets
  • Marketing: Target promotions based on your most profitable customers and potential customers
  • Merchandising: Inform product offerings with customer spending

About Synergos Technologies Inc

Since 1992, Synergos Technologies Inc. (STI) has been providing market-focused companies with many of today’s most innovative and confidence-boosting demographic data building blocks to allow more advanced market research which includes new levels of market, consumer, and location insight.

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