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Demographics Data / Geo-Demographics | Trade Area Add-On

STI: LandScape is a geodemographic neighborhood segmentation system created to segment consumers by traditional demographic factors.

LandScape data goes beyond other segmentation systems and gives companies fine-tuned levels of actionable consumer insight across 21 unique lifestyle and environmental indicators – all at the block-group level.

Featured Use Cases

  • Site Selection: Understand consumers’ purchasing propensities in trade areas
  • Merchandising: Extract subtle consumer lifestyle differences to make informed product pricing decisions
  • Marketing: Make distinctions among consumer groups to personalize target marketing
  • Urban Planning: Evaluate new areas for potential business activity

About Synergos Technologies Inc

Since 1992, Synergos Technologies Inc. (STI) has been providing market-focused companies with many of today’s most innovative and confidence-boosting demographic data building blocks to allow more advanced market research which includes new levels of market, consumer, and location insight.

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