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Experian Mosaic

Experian Mosaic is a household-based consumer lifestyle segmentation dataset derived from 126 million households and 800 lifestyle and interest attributes. Mosaic empowers companies to better understand their audience and communicate with them on a personal level. Mosaic’s data segments the U.S. into 19 overarching groups and 71 underlying types, giving you the insights needed to anticipate the behavior, attitudes and preferences of your most profitable customers and make smarter, more precise decisions.

Featured Use Cases

  • Site Selection: Select your next, best location based on consumer behavior
  • Market Due Diligence: Evaluate new areas for potential business activity
  • Marketing: Identify target audiences and placements for promotions
  • Merchandising: Understand which products resonate with customers, optimize pricing, and inform logistical planning
  • Void Analysis: Know how to attract customers by aligning consumer interest with retail affinity

About Experian

Experian is a leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to companies around the world. Experian believes that bringing data to life requires creativity, passion, flexibility and expertise and aims to unlock its power to create opportunities for consumers, businesses and society.

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