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About AGS: Panorama

Panorama consists of sixty-eight neighborhood classification types from ‘One Percenters’ to ‘Rust Belt Poverty’ that describe the character of any neighborhood – from affluence and family structure to housing style and age. Panorama is widely used both as a target marketing tool and as a neighborhood description tool.

Data Includes:

Panorama, the location-centric segmentation system created by AGS in 2015, builds on and integrates the existing suite of AGS modeling and analytical tools. Panorama creates an actionable perspective on an increasingly complex and rapidly churning demographic landscape. Each neighborhood, whether census block, ZIP+4, or block group is assigned a Panorama segment which can be used as a shorthand description of the character of the area, to target market based on common demographics, or to model retail performance and location. The essential characteristics of each segment are well documented in descriptive materials and demographic tables. Panorama is currently paired with the industry leading GfK MRI survey, providing the essential linkage between neighborhood demographics and consumer preferences and attitudes. When married with AGS’ wide range of unique data such as CrimeRisk, Demographic Dimensions, and with unique AGS analytical tools such as Site Signature, Panorama can be completely customized for your particular circumstances. Overall, approximately one hundred and fifty variables were used to create Panorama. The range of variables was limited to those available from the census and not including a wide range of AGS data which in and of itself relies upon those same demographics in their modeling.

About AGS:

Applied Geographic Solutions has been powering smarter market decisions for over two decades, always with a focus on providing and supporting the most accurate small area data available, covering the broadest range of topics, and delivered with the maximum flexibility and cutting-edge analytics tools.

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