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About AGS: Demographic Dimensions

The Dimensions database consists of two distinct components – one demographic and the other business. These unique datasets are intended for use in statistical models, neighborhood description, and site analysis.

Demographic Dimensions contains 32 dimensions, based fully upon our current year estimates. Several hundred input variables were used in the analysis, which are summarized below by type of variable and source year. Note that in many cases, both average (or median) and distribution data were used (e.g. median age, % population age < 18, etc.).

Business Dimensions was built using the AGS Business Counts database, with the source data from dmPlus (Devonshire Associates). The entire dataset was utilized by computing employment and establishment density, average size and percent of employment by detailed NAICS codes, and land use classification. The methodology employed was the same as the Demographic Dimensions dataset.

About AGS:

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