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About AGS: Business Counts

Business Counts is a geographic summary database of business establishments and employees for nearly ten million businesses and one hundred and thirty million employees. The database is available for all standard levels of geography including block group and is supplemented by occupational data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the County Business Patterns program.

The primary variables available include:

  • Total establishments, employees
  • Head office locations
  • Establishments by size
  • Employment by occupation
  • Establishments and employees by major industry
  • Custom 104 group classification (2,3, and 4 digit NAICS)
  • NAICS 4 digit establishments and employees
  • Retail sector sales estimates, employees, and establishments


About AGS:

Applied Geographic Solutions has been powering smarter market decisions for over two decades, always with a focus on providing and supporting the most accurate small area data available, covering the broadest range of topics, and delivered with the maximum flexibility and cutting-edge analytics tools.

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