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Frequently Asked Questions

We do not offer free trials of our full edition, but do offer a free edition which will provide you with an understanding of how the platform works and the type of insights included. If you would like a comprehensive virtual tour of the full edition please email

No, we do not. is a subscription service that combines unlimited SaaS dashboard access with a Customer Success service to ensure you’re extracting maximum value out of the data and accomplishing your ongoing business goals.

No. Our subscriptions are a 12-month commitment 

We customize our subscription packages on a client-by-client basis. Our team will work with you to create a subscription based your unique needs. 

No; Our licensing is geared for companies and teams. Please contact to discuss further.

We do not offer free access to our full edition, but students are encouraged to register for our free edition to take advantage of the no-cost insights we offer.

Our customers can access our data through our Web dashboard. We make all of our data exportable via multiple formats within the platform. Additionally, we have the ability to generate batch data files via CSV.

Our customers can generate PDF reports of the dashboard views and share these outside their organization. They can also incorporate our data with their own data sets and produce reports.

You can generate an unlimited amount of reports within the’s platform. 

Because our licensing is at the team or company level, we can provision log-in access for anyone within the company, with no user count limit.

Once you become a customer, you will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager. This service is included in the subscription price and does not require an additional fee.

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