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Request a Marketplace Demo’s GeoWeb Data enables users to understand neighborhoods by their website visitation interest. GeoWeb Data categorizes website visitation data from millions of desktop and mobile devices into 1000+ segments of digital behavior to reveal what content, topics, and trends customers engage with online


Geoweb segments are scored as an index, where 100 is the national average. The geographic level at which indexes are provided is US census block groups (BG). So, an index of 205 for the “Fitness Enthusiasts” segment means that this particular block group is 2.05 times more likely to have devices used by Fitness Enthusiasts than the national average.

Featured Use Cases

  • Site Selection: Differentiate demographically similar locations by website behaviors
  • Sales Forecasting: Use online behavior to predict sales
  • Merchandising: Understand the interests of a community to optimize retail and product mix
  • Merchandising: Understand which products resonate with customers and optimize pricing
  • Urban Planning: Reveal the “Why” behind planning models

About is a location data company that organizes billions of social media data points into 72 segments that capture the interests of the surrounding population to better target, predict, and market the right products to the relevant customer.

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