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Request a Marketplace Demo offers over 70 geosocial segments of real human behavior derived from social data for any geographic location.’s segments were created using unsupervised machine learning where each segment reflects natural patterns and clusters found in the raw data, removing potential for human bias.


Datasets contain scores for up to 72 social segments. All scores (from 0 to 100) reflect the percentile ranking of a given geography compared to the entire country. For example, a score of 90.00 reflects that this geography scores higher than 90% of the country for the given segment.

Featured Use Cases

  • Site Selection: Select your next, best location based on consumer behavior
  • Urban Planning: Evaluate new areas for potential business activity
  • Geomarketing: Identify target areas, audiences, and placements for promotions
  • Merchandising: Understand which products resonate with customers and optimize pricing
  • Tenant Representation: Uncover potential sites that align with consumer interests and attitudes

About is a location data company that organizes billions of social media data points into 72 segments that capture the interests of the surrounding population to better target, predict, and market the right products to the relevant customer.

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