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About AGS: Non-Resident Population

Overnight tourism is a significant component of the economy of many areas across the country, and on any given night, over 9 million people stay overnight away from home while travelling. Over 3 million hotel rooms are occupied nationwide, and leisure travelers in large numbers stay with friends and family, at their own or rented vacation homes, or at campgrounds or in a recreational vehicle.

These non-residents often contribute substantially to local economies and have mostly been either missed in site location work or given minimal attention. Further complicating matters is that tourism in many locations is highly seasonal.

The AGS non-resident population estimates are the first of their kind, utilizing a wide range of data sources to model the factors which drive tourists to particular locations, and to match that demand with the supply of available accommodations. The result is a detailed set of estimates, for each calendar quarter and annual average for:

  • Total Non-Resident Population
  • Business Travelers
  • Domestic
  • Foreign
  • Migrant Workers
  • Leisure/Personal Travelers
  • At Hotels
  • Staying with Friends/Family
  • Staying at Own or Rented
  • Vacation Property
  • Camping
  • Recreational Vehicles

Each estimate is derived by first estimating demand for each travel type at the block group level using a set of 39 factors. Demand is allocated to available supply at the block group level using a distance-decay based location-allocation model, with particular concern for ensuring that actual capacity is not exceeded.

About AGS

Applied Geographic Solutions has been powering smarter market decisions for over two decades, always with a focus on providing and supporting the most accurate small area data available, covering the broadest range of topics, and delivered with the maximum flexibility and cutting-edge analytics tools.

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