Placer Bites: Dick’s on the Rebound, Costco Continues to Rise

Dick’s Sporting Goods is on the rebound and looking for ways to keep the momentum moving in the right direction. Beyond announcing the opening of new stores the company also disclosed a plan to improve its offering to women and girls in order to continue driving growth.

We dove into the data to see how strong the rebound has really been. 

Analyzing weekly visits from August 2017 through August 2019 shows the impact of the 2019 summer season. From early June weekly visits rose as high as 52.2% above the baseline and even the worst week was 5.4% above – a floor and ceiling that were higher than the best and worst weekends in 2018. This reflects a brand that continues to build upon its strength in the summer months. 

And this could be a focus that continues to bear fruit. While the summer of 2019 has been very strong, there was actually a decline in winter peaks for Dicks. November and December visits were higher in 2017 than in 2018, and it is possible this trend could continue into 2019. But it isn’t necessarily a bad sign. The ability to spread out strength and identify alternative periods of greater strength could help Dick’s continue to drive their revival.

Wholesale Success

Costco is a retail powerhouse that seems only to be getting stronger. But the big question for many is can the growth continue?

Looking at monthly visit numbers from January 2017 through August 2019 makes it seem like the answer might just be yes. Visits in July 2019 were 4.3% higher nationwide than the same month in 2018, and August 2019 visits were 10.9% above 2018’s mark. While this acceleration may not continue, the ability to drive significant growth speaks to a powerful retail footprint that serves as the focal point for a rapidly expanding range of services. 

Can Costco continue its seemingly endless rise? Will Dick’s rebound maintain through the holiday season? Check in to to find out.

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