Launches Property Rankings and Benchmarking!

Since our official launch in October, we’ve been creating ongoing updates to our location analytics product and wanted to make sure we share these new additions. Last week, we launched an especially exciting update to our platform – codenamed Flash.

This latest addition focused on addressing some of the needs of our customers alongside a huge new addition to our analysis capabilities – automated benchmarking and rankings!

Creating a feature of this magnitude is a huge step forward for our solution, overcoming significant challenges to make it the first of its kind in the industry! With this launch, becomes the only platform to give any user the ability to effortlessly rank any physical property in the US.

Venue Ranking

When we analyze a property, we want to ensure that we can see the full picture of what is happening. Who is the audience? How do they behave? But we also want the full picture necessary to put the data into context. Enter rankings.

With our rankings feature, you can instantly see how a specific location stands up to competitors within its category or even how a specific location performs compared to the wider chain. Rankings can be filtered on a local, state or national level providing the critical comparables to analyze a property’s true performance.

This feature is a major step forward for our product, helping us further our commitment to addressing the full picture of Market Intelligence in the physical world.

Want to see what else we added? Reach out and we’ll show you what we’ve created and what we have coming soon!

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