Placer Bites: Popeyes, Burger King Drive RBI’s Big Quarter & Walgreens Outlook

Restaurant Brands International (QSR) is the parent company of two of the more interesting QSR brands in the country – Burger King and Popeyes. With McDonald’s recently seeing a dip in visits, questions will naturally arise around the performance of RBI’s two leading players. So what did Q3 mean for Burger King and Popeyes? Chicken […]

By Ethan Chernofsky on October 28, 2019

What Off Price Retail Shows Us

There are a myriad of reasons why off-price retailers succeed and whether it is the cost or the experience, the impact is clear. Ross announced that it had successfully launched 100 new stores in 2019, even while other major brands were rapidly shuttering locations. We looked into these two off-price retail leaders to analyze their […]

By Ethan Chernofsky on October 24, 2019

Kroger’s Decline

Early in 2019, Kroger’s was listed by a top retail research firm as the fourth-largest grocer in the world. Yet, the year that began with such a proud status, has seen the brand endure a difficult period in the US. The company announced plans to lay off hundreds of employees with concerns that the turnaround […]

By Ethan Chernofsky on October 22, 2019

Placer Bites: Dick’s on the Rebound, Costco Continues to Rise

Dick’s Sporting Goods is on the rebound and looking for ways to keep the momentum moving in the right direction. Beyond announcing the opening of new stores the company also disclosed a plan to improve its offering to women and girls in order to continue driving growth. We dove into the data to see how […]

By Ethan Chernofsky on October 21, 2019

Jimmy Gets Inspired

Inspire Brands, owner of restaurant chains Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Sonic, recently added the Jimmy John’s sandwich chain to its portfolio. We dug into location data to see how the brand is performing and where its growth potential may lie. Make Way for Jimmy To start, we looked at the Jimmy John’s chain’s performance […]

By Tali Rozenman on October 17, 2019

Beyond Bed, Bath & Beyond

In cases like this, the title almost writes itself. Recent reporting has stated that Bed, Bath & Beyond could be looking for a buyer for the whole company or some of its sub-brands. While we dug into the mothership in August, the rumors provided a great opportunity to analyze some of Bed, Bath & Beyond’s […]

By Ethan Chernofsky on October 15, 2019

Placer Bites: Levi’s & Bed, Bath & Beyond

Brands Are Flying Solo Amid a decline in wholesale, Levi’s recently announced a jump in overall sales thanks to direct-to-consumer channels online and in brand stores. The same report noted a reduction of wholesales sales from 50% to 30% of overall revenue in the last eight years, alongside a plan to expand 100 stores. The […]

By Ethan Chernofsky on October 14, 2019

What IKEA Found in Brooklyn

IKEA is on its way to Queens. So what is attracting the home goods leader into the boroughs? We dug into its Brooklyn location’s data to find out. Why Double Down on Lower Traffic? Looking at data from August 2017 through August 2019 shows a brand that experienced a weaker 2019, than the strong growth […]

By Ethan Chernofsky on October 10, 2019

Placer Bites: Apple Excitement, BOPIS to the Rescue?

While Apple Store openings have remained fairly flat in the US, the brand did give the physical locations some serious stage time. But apart from the tactics and approaches that make the in-store experience at Apple so compelling, the visits to actual locations can also signify the wider excitement the brand is generating. With the […]

By Ethan Chernofsky on October 7, 2019

Boston Seaport Becoming Must Visit

When Retail Dive published a glowing review of the Boston Seaport, it caught our attention for several reasons. Firstly, the perception of a rise in attention for the shopping destination certainly begs for checking up with data. Secondly, the makeup of the Seaport’s retail mix is incredibly important to analyze as it combines a group […]

By Ethan Chernofsky on October 3, 2019