Fast Food Recovery

On the whole, June was a significant step forward for the wider fast food industry, but the month did hold signs that leading brands may not be in the clear just yet.

Gyms on the Mend

Gyms were one of the first sectors to close among the spread of the pandemic, and rightfully so. But, as the economy begins to reopen across the country and gyms are permitted to open again, how will they perform? With most people working from home and creating their own “at-home” gyms, will the sector be able to bounce back?

Grocery Recovery – June Update

There are few sectors as central to the retail experience as grocery chains, and the wider space experienced a unique form of upheaval because of the pandemic. We dove into June data to get a sense of the pace of recovery, and which brands are well-positioned for the months to come.

2020 Winners – Pandemic Update

Early in 2020, we put together a list of brands that would end the year as clear winners. And halfway through, we’re still feeling good

New York Recovery

New York is reopening and the success here could provide critical insights into the nature of the wider retail recovery. New York City was among the hardest-hit cities and the state was one of the hardest-hit states, and if a rebound can successfully happen here, there is tremendous room for optimism throughout the country.

Indoor vs. Open Air Malls – Who’s Performing Better?

A common narrative during the COVID recovery period has been that indoor malls are facing a near existential crisis. To analyze the validity of this argument, we dove into ten of the top indoor malls and ten of the top outdoor centers to compare their relative performance in order to break down the pace of recovery and the potential for the coming months.

How We Eat – Behavior Changes for Breakfast

As we make our way deeper into the retail recovery, the question of the lingering impact on certain behavioral changes comes to the forefront. What’s changed? How much did it change? And which of these changes have true staying power? And nowhere is this question more significant than for top QSR brands that had a clear morning orientation.

Where Do We Go From Here?

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