Macy’s Store Closures

With Q3 revenue declines and recent leadership changes, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Macy’s is closing stores. But as we often discuss, not all store closings are made equal. When handled properly, store closings can set the foundation for a strong rebound and ongoing growth. We looked at some recent Macy’s closures to […]

By Tali Rozenman on December 12, 2019

5 2019 Trends That Will Define 2020

The biggest stories of 2020 may find their roots in 2019. So we dug into the most important trends that could impact the coming year in Retail and Commercial Real Estate.

By Ethan Chernofsky on December 10, 2019

Placer Bites: Turkey Wednesday 2019, Popeyes v. Chick-Fil-A and More

Late last month, we stumbled upon the retail craze that is Turkey Wednesday, the grocery sector’s answer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

But is a holiday really a thing if it doesn’t repeat? Of course not. So we dove back into the data to see if Turkey Wednesday truly is a thing.

By Ethan Chernofsky on December 9, 2019

Q3 Retail Index – Apparel

With widespread concerns that the Back-to-School season would underperform, a prime target for a rough quarter was the Apparel sector. Yet, looking back at eleven of the top players in offline apparel showed a very different story. Widespread Growth When analyzing eleven of the top players in the space, ten saw growth from Q2 to […]

By Ethan Chernofsky on December 3, 2019

2019 Q3 Retail Index – Food

Last, but certainly not least, in our Q3 Retail Index is the food sector. We looked at ten of the biggest QSR brands to see who came out on top this quarter.  Slicing Up the Sector Despite summer dips, Starbucks remained the market leader out of the group, taking 27.9% of market share. McDonald’s was […]

By Tali Rozenman on December 2, 2019

The World Series and Why It Matters For Retail Real Estate

It may not come as a shock that a huge event like the Major League Baseball World Series will have a significant impact on the surrounding area. But what are the actual changes? What might this mean for brands? These are all questions that rarely get answered. So we decided to dive into the data […]

By Ethan Chernofsky on November 26, 2019

Placer Bites: Dicks, Best Buy, and Old Navy

This week, we’re analyzing two of the most interesting retailers – Best Buy and Dick’s Sporting Goods – and taking a look at Old Navy ahead of their ‘will they, won’t they’ spinoff. Growing Visits for Dick’s Sporting Goods When looking at Dick’s traffic in 2019, we can already see a 4.5% increase in traffic […]

By Ethan Chernofsky on November 25, 2019

Turkey Wednesday

We all know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with Giving Tuesday even finding its way into the Zeitgeist. But what about Turkey Wednesday?  While the name might still need some workshopping, there may not be a bigger day for grocers than the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The Holiday Season Addition We Didn’t Realize We Already […]

By Ethan Chernofsky on November 22, 2019

The End of Black Friday?

Black Friday is the most important shopping day of the year. But will it remain that way?

By Ethan Chernofsky on November 21, 2019

Q3 Index – Home Goods and Improvement Sector

We’re continuing our Q3 Retail Index with something that really hits home, the Home Goods & Improvement sector that is. Did this quarter deliver results after a strong spring season? We dove into foot traffic data to see.  Most Improved In Q2 only two of the ten companies analyzed experienced a drop in traffic from […]

By Tali Rozenman on November 19, 2019