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Chicken Wars: The Sequel

Yes, the Chicken Wars were a huge boon for Popeyes and others this summer. The excitement around chicken sandwiches reached a fever pitch, lines spanned around the block and the poultry craze seemingly took over the summer of 2019. But as everyone knows, the sequel is always better than the original. Well, maybe not always, […]

By Zohar Bar-Yehuda on November 7, 2019

Data Deep Dive: The Unlikely Winners of the Chicken Wars

Did Popeyes rekindle America’s love of chicken? We dug into location analytics to see who benefitted from the Chicken War craze.

By Zohar Bar-Yehuda on September 12, 2019

Optimizing Co-Tenancy With Cross Shopping: A Data Deep Dive

Cross shopping can be one of the best indications of brand affinity and can reveal critical factors of the customer journey. We dug in to same-day cross shopping numbers to analyze the impact of retail giants and uncover true consumer shopping patterns.

By Zohar Bar-Yehuda on July 9, 2019

Why Is Walmart Closing Stores? A Data Deep Dive

Walmart is closing stores. But is the brand weakening or are they optimizing?

By Zohar Bar-Yehuda on June 4, 2019