Author: Jocelyn Bauer

With COVID cases resurfacing just in time for the holidays, we took a look at several hotels and airports to see how the pandemic affected the country’s holiday travel plans.

So, how did COVID affect mall visits on one of the biggest shopping days and weekends of the year?

When we last checked in on the hotel industry in August, things seemed to be going smoothly. But, with a resurgence of cases across the entire world, we decided to dive back into three of the largest chains to see if and how they’ve been affected.

There is no doubt that malls took a serious hit during the spread of COVID. However, as we’ve seen in previous reports analyzing the different recoveries of indoor and outdoor centers, the pace of recovery can be highly tied to format.

With the overall economy slowly recovering and the country returning to ‘normalcy’, some sectors have been hit far harder than others. None more so than travel. So with a return en route, we dove back into this space to see how leading players are responding.

It was hardly the golden age for department stores before the rise of COVID-19, but the pandemic raised significant questions regarding the future of these stores. So we took a look at two of the most popular department stores across four different states, Kohl’s and Macy’s, to see how both their nationwide and state recoveries were going.

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